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This global remittance company needed a name, complete branding and a digital solution. Being a disruptor in the FinTech space, the identity needed to represent their point of difference–and boldly.

The creation of their name was a combination of two considerations:

1. Water (waves) connects us all around the world and bridges continents

2. Their product acts as a waiver against the lengthy waiting times and excessive costs too often associated with alternative global remittance services

The theory is simple: connecting the world and making it affordable. This is reflected across the new brand identity through simplicity and boldness.

The evolution of the brand propelled the construction of the payment interface: WAIV Pay. The design and development of the mobile app and online platform was an evolutionary growth involving a new way to make global payments and transfers.

A debit card solution was also a part of the app and web platform offering, so the design needed to best represent the WAIV brand.

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