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Naked Digital Marketer

This marketing agency needed a brand identity that accompanied their creative name in a playful and sophisticated way. At first, it seemed appropriate to integrate both 'naked' and 'digital' into one design, but the brand began to look like a tech agency–the wrong direction.

Without completely eradicating the initial block direction, a more tactical approach was explored by using square-shaped balsa wood with India ink. The outcome was what felt like a hundred brush swash options all digitised with some of the components morphed into one unique brush swash. The brush swash was applied to the wordmark and became the fundamental playful focus for the brand identity - ‘naked’.

The countless trials of different brush swashes left an overwhelming amount of work that, by principle, shouldn't go to waste. With a collection of 18 final brush swash graphics to use across collateral, each graphic can be paired with the others, including multiple colour options.

The colour palette is quite minimal with the addition of soft pastel tones. The electric pop of yellow adds a touch of masculinity and helps to get those really important messages across, aka the funny ones.

With a sophisticated and minimal brand identity comes a much needed playful use of the brush swash. The stationary design really exaggerates the brush swash design with a duo reverse side business card that forms the full brush swash when paired together. With the application of the brush swash creeping in from the edge of the letterhead, it adds some playfulness. A brush swash that takes on a persona and comes to life through its behaviour in design.

The social media art direction plays an important role in the overall brand identity. Of course, the brush swash makes a grand entrance over the face of a cute pug to really push the likability factor and a purposeful focus on the 'naked' component of the brand name.

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