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These supplement liquids are specifically formulated to improve workout performance. The brand identity needed to be strong, influential and appealing to both genders.

In such a saturated supplement market filled with intense masculinity, the logo needed to blend in without looking overly feminine. The logo design is an icon configuration of both Mars and Venus symbols, as well as the Pagan gender symbols, with a soft and rounded typeface to compliment. Their icon embodies both genders.

The tagline for this brand needed to reflect the purpose of the product range along with the application method, a first of its kind: droplets from a small pipette bottle that don't require refrigeration is the main point of difference to other brands. A supplement to be taken on the fly just before a workout session that improves performance was the key takeaway. And so, the tagline 'Fuel Your Form' was decided.

The brand personality is innovative and empowering with a playing to win attitude – 'It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.' The copy direction for the brand guidelines was written by Lisa Cropman.

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