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Brittany Baxter

Social media plays a huge role on the effects of body image self-esteem, particularly for females, and that's exactly what Brittany Baxter promotes–realistic expectations.

Seldom are the flaws in the female body ever viewed in a positive light. In fact, there's a huge stigma and pretence on positive body image. So, as a female and a photographer, this rebrand project really hit home. I started my thought process around the approach of there being absolutely nothing to feel ashamed of, asking myself how I felt about the flaws with my body and why I even cared about them in the first place. It was quite a personal experience so I knew I had to tread with caution given there are disparate views on positive body image. I always kept Brittany as my sole focus, though, and used her collection of imagery as my sole reference. Brittany isn't afraid to inspire others by demonstrating her confidence with images of her flaws and posting them on display to the world. Images that commonly cause discomfort in viewers more often than not, sadly. You'll see an array of pubic hair, stretch marks, cellulite, pimples, the list goes on! I felt a huge sense of responsibility in presenting this rebrand in a creative light with a direct objective to solely aid Brittany's aspirations.

'The Real Ideal (🍑 😏)' became the tagline.

*emojis not always included.

'Empowering women to unashamedly take back their freedom, one body image at a time' became the description line.

What transpired from this was the copy direction that was carefully curated around six components that make up the brand personality–raw, honest, committed, accepting, authentic, and confident. This personality forms the acceptance of perfectly imperfect bodies and gives Brittany's audience a place to feel safe in her judgement-free zone, all while inspiring and educating the message that 'you are free to be you'. Brittany's messages smash the stereotypes and demonstrate that all bodies are seen as good bodies. The copy direction for the brand guidelines was written by André Liyanage-Denney.

The double use of the letter b in the brand name was the sole focus of the identity. My approach was to create a letter b icon that incorporated linear and curvature forms found in the female body. The b icon portrays an architectural version of a woman’s physique: its length, curves, its complexities, uneven but beautiful shapes, long lines, and its glorious stretch marks. It’s not a perfect b but that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s unique and completely natural in its contorted shape and graceful yet sharp structural flow.

An archive of pre-rebrand social media content meant that a new style needed to pave the way for the updated art direction and rollout of the new identity. This meant new imagery. I had decided on a photoshoot concept that was sure to put Brittany out of her comfort zone and truly showing what it means to walk the walk. Living on the other side of the globe from each other (Australia/Germany), the only way for me to photograph her was by utilising someone on the other end of her mobile - cue the Instagram husband!

View the complete brand guidelines.

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