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Director (visual/verbal): Sarah Louise
Copywriter: André Liyanage-Denney
Illustrator: Chelsea Koetsveld
Website Developer: David Wells
Website Platform: Custom

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The integration of multiple payment technology companies paired with the expansion of their suite of products resulted in an entire brand refresh: One Building, Three Stories.

Under one roof, WAIVPAY is the home of 3 tailored payment solutions – WAIV, eGIVV and Cashback. Each solution is unique whereby each identity required its own visual expression. As part of a larger communications project, the updated identities bring simplicity and visual continuity across all business channels (including WAIVPAY–the parent company). This extends not only a cohesive look, but also how they sound collectively. The refresh made way for a more confident expression of each brand, optimised and rolled out across the websites.
“Sarah first came to our attention when we were a start up FinTech that needed a global presence. Essentially, Sarah created us in our entirety. She drove the process and ensured our brand was prominent and maintained its integrity in all forms. She collaborated so well that we gave her free rein to bring us alive in the various locations we needed to operate. Sarah is a passionate individual, extremely diligent and professional, and works to stringent timelines on a global scale.”

– Mal Ashton, Co-Founder

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