Outtake Editions

This is a personal concept that came to mind, and fruition, quite literally overnight. My interest in photography, particularly film, sparked my desire to showcase other photographers’ work, paying special attention to the images that were never released.

I produced a website that features the ones {photographs} that got left behind. Each volume is a personal curation of unseen images selected by the featured photographer or their official representative. A creative tribute to the frames that were unpublished and removed from the final cut – the outtakes. I curate a series of questions for each photographer, and design a set of social media assets to launch each feature.

I named the concept Outtake Editions for obvious reasons – the outtakes are generally discarded during an editor’s culling process. Keeping an editorial theme throughout the visual brand, I made use of curly brackets and applied them to the word ‘Editions’ to express that the featured images were left out during the ‘edit’ process. It’s a metaphor for the maning of the brackets: used to enclose a word or words which can be left out and still leave a meaningful sentence. 
Design Director: Sarah Louise
Website Platform: Cargo Collective