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Outtake Editions


Director (visual/verbal): Sarah Louise
Website Platform: Cargo Collective

Given my personal interest in photography, I produced a website that features the ones {photographs} that got left behind. Each volume is a personal curation of unseen images selected by the featured photographer or their official representative. A creative tribute to the frames that were unpublished and removed from the final cut – the outtakes.

I named the concept Outtake Editions for obvious reasons – the outtakes are generally discarded during an editor’s culling process. Keeping an editorial theme throughout the visual brand, I made use of curly brackets and applied them to the word ‘Editions’ to express that the featured images were left out during the ‘edit’ process. It’s a metaphor for the maning of the brackets: used to enclose a word or words which can be left out and still leave a meaningful sentence.

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