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Naked Digital Marketer


Director (visual): Sarah Louise

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This marketing agency required a visual identity that accompanied their creative name. A tactical approach was explored by using square-shaped balsa wood with India ink. The outcome was a brush swash that was applied to the wordmark (the ‘naked’ part), which then became the playful asset used across the entire brand.

With a minimal palette and the addition of soft pastel tones, the electric pop of yellow adds a touch of masculinity and helps to get those really important messages across, aka the funny ones. The stationary design exaggerates the brush swash design with a duo reverse side business card that forms the full brush swash when paired together. It’s a brush swash that takes on a persona and comes to life through its behaviour in design.
“Sarah built my brand from the ground up. With her guidance and expertise, I realised the value of having a full brand developed professionally. Not only is she extremely creative but she is also fantastic at explaining the concepts and reasons behind her ideas and suggestions.”

– Desiree, Owner

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