Katrina Macdermid

It’s easier to articulate your message when you know what you stand for. Katrina's relentless pursuit of smarter yet more human solutions challenges tired thinking. With an aim to change perceptions in IT, while rising to becoming a highly recognised individual in the industry, Katrina required a brand that pierces perception, speaking for itself.

The tagline, designing for people not processes, guided the personal brand's verbal and visual identities with a refreshing look at the IT industry. The aesthetic is designed to please the eye with substance, depth and sophistication. The messaging is strong and emotionally impacting – "We’ve been programmed to assume that IT is faceless. Robotic. A foreign entity coded with complexity, disconnected from the ecosystem of business...Humans may develop technologies, but the truth is, we’re not built like them. We thrive on supportive relationships and speaking a common language."

Proving to the world that IT values the human side of business, Katrina's podcast required its own identity in line with her personal brand. That’s why we humanised 'it': Katrina Talks Humanising IT. Her podcast will explore the human side of IT, so it required a human touch. The square acts as a metaphor and speaks to a triangular divide. A metaphor of how Katrina fills the void between IT and business by connecting them with people-focused solutions.

A once complex, siloed and inflexible mentality must make way for the new: A world where technology connects us but our humanity brings us together – Katrina's vision.

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Design Director: Sarah Louise
Copywriter: André Liyanage-Denney
Animation: Rainer Scheue
Typeface: Formist Foundry
Website Platform: Cargo Collective