We helps brands with their style and story.

Engrossed in forming the particularity of a brand, we harness its core and inject it with a tailored creative solution that captivates your audience and grows with your business.

Our work encompasses both verbal and visual identity systems with an impacting influence on the overall direction of a brand – the who, the what, and, more importantly, the why.

We fulfil this through considered exposure to sensory stimuli (visual and verbal identities) and your brand’s behaviour (engagement).

Louise is my middle name – Sarah is my first.

The foundations of a graphic designer, my expertise sits at the intersection of brand identity and communication strategy, with applied focus on sensory applications through user entertainment, experience and perception of your brand.

Driving creative collaboration, I assemble and lead cross disciplinary, cross geographical teams to produce more adaptable and meaningful brands.



Brand Research
This is a brainstorm session we have with you, your team, and your customers – including many amongst ourselves – to collect all the necessary information about your business, the industry and your ideal audience.


Brand Strategy
This is the ideation phase where we internally outline the brand identity by navigating the brand direction so that it speaks to both your solid and unified verbal and visual identity systems. We identify the meaning that people attach to your brand.


Brand Direction
This is where we get our hands dirty. Words tell your story, design brings them to life, and together they propel your brand identity and positioning. We tailor your identity for the desired outcome.


Brand Experience
Once the identity is created, we help navigate the course of creative direction for your brand, in particular the digital, social, and ongoing marketing messages and campaigns to keep everything consistent for the lifetime of your brand.

Sydney, Australia

+61 415 915 279