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Director (visual/verbal): Sarah Louise
Copywriter: Lisa Cropman

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These supplement liquids are specifically formulated to improve workout performance. The suggested tagline reflects the purpose of the product range along with the droplet application method from a pipette bottle: Fuel Your Form.

The brand identity required a strong, influential and appealing graphic for both genders. In an overwhelming saturated market filled with intense masculinity, the logo blends in without looking overly feminine. The logo design is an icon configuration of both Mars and Venus symbols, as well as the Pagan gender symbols, with a soft and rounded typeface to compliment. This icon design embodies both genders as much as the overall identity.
“Sarah is the kind of imaginative individual that has a committed ability to make a business and its leadership team impress. Her analysis and insights approach helped align our story with our brand's purpose, allowing for a more meaningful and impactful brand identity. With an absolute dedication to bringing our brand to life, Sarah's execution is compelling, concise and unique. We are elated with how the brand represents our business with such clarity.”

– John Fenga, Director

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