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Brittany Baxter


Director (visual/verbal): Sarah Louise
Copywriter: André Liyanage-Denney
Website Platform: Squarespace

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Social media plays a huge role on the effects of body image self-esteem, particularly for females, and that's exactly what Brittany Baxter promotes–realistic expectations. Seldom are the flaws in the female body ever viewed in a positive light. In fact, there's a huge stigma and pretence on positive body image. The approach was to create a letter b icon that portrays an architectural version of a woman’s physique: its lines, curves, complexities, uneven but beautiful shapes, and the glorious stretch marks. It’s not a traditional letter b, nor is it perfect, but that’s what makes it so appealing. Incorporating the common forms in the female body, the icon is completely natural in its contorted shape with a graceful yet sharp structural flow.

This personality forms the acceptance of perfectly imperfect bodies and gives Brittany's audience a place to feel safe in her judgement-free zone, all while inspiring and educating the message that 'you are free to be you'. Brittany's messages smash the stereotypes and demonstrate that all bodies are seen as good bodies.

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